Infrared thermography for petrochemical process heaters

How is your furnace performing?

IRIS Thermovision has the knowledge, thermal camera’s and experience for an thermographic survey of your furnace:

  • Coking en fouling of tubes;

  • Flow difference passes;

  • Check on thermocouple temperature reading;

  • Refractory status;

  • Missing or loose tube support;

  • Burner status.

This way we make it visible

Thermal pattern indicating coking

Loose tube support

Burner control and flame impingement

The findings

If we notice anomalities during the survey, these will be reported immediately. The images can be analyzed on the spot together with the customer.

There can also be written reports where you can choose between:

  • Only report of anomalities;

  • Complete report with all images;

  • Trend report (only periodic surveys).

What are the costs?

Survey with a FLIR GF309 camera and lens extender from € 1.595,- a day.

What does it yield?

Insight into the state of your furnace so that you can prevent unscheduled stops. With the data you can optimize productivity and guarantee safety.

Our thermographers

We only work with certified (level 2 or 3) thermographers with a process technological background and extensive experience in furnace surveys.

Our equipment

We work with a FLIR GF309 IR camera with lens extender and changeable lenses (normal and telelens). We can see more tubes and see more detail than any other company.

Customers who have experienced the power of thermographic furnace survey